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1. Recyclopedia Widget
Coming Soon!

2. Recycle Smart MA

Have you ever been unsure about which items can be recycled, which items should be disposed of or which items are considered too hazardous to put in your trash bin? Type the name of the item in the Recyclopedia from Recycle Smart MA and find out!

3. Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory

Try MassDEP's Beyond the Bin to see if an item is recyclable in Massachusetts
Find out where to recycle, reuse or repurpose items in Massachusetts
Can You Repurpose it? Instead of tossing usable items, give them to a charity or other organization that will pass them along to others. Check out the Beyond the Bin directory or these resources from the Mass Department of Environmental Protection for donation options.

4. The Green Team

THE GREEN TEAM is an interactive educational program that empowers students and teachers to help the environment through waste reduction, recycling, composting, energy conservation and pollution prevention. Participating classes receive certificates of recognition and are eligible to win awards. Register your Schools for The Green Team and get recycling bins and other resources

5. The Smart Recycling Guide and Links to Translations

Recycling is mandatory. What can I put in the curbside bin?
El reciclaje es obligatorio. ¿Qué puedo depositar en el contenedor de la acera?

BUY RECYCLED! Buying Recycled Makes A Difference! - 12/2022


**Attention** Due to rising solid waste costs effective January 1st, 2021 any residence with additional barrels leased through Waste Management will incur an additional solid waste fee from the City. Please call the DPW with any questions. (781) 268-8000.

Buy Recycled!

January 11, 2021
RE: Buying Recycled

Dear Department Heads,

Buying recycled products makes a difference.
As you are all aware, Lynn's recycling program is steadily growing. We have been doing a great job of collecting recyclables, but success does not end here. As public sector purchasers we need to complete the recycling process by purchasing products made with recycled material.

Recycling is big business in Massachusetts.
Buying products made with recycled material is critical to our efforts If we don't purchase recycled products there is no economic motivation for manufacturers to use the raw materials that we do recycle.  Additionally, the recycling industry is adding jobs daily and contributes significantly to the state's economy.

Today recycled products are high quality.
In the past, recycled products may have represented less quality and cost more, but tremendous advances from improved technology and increased demand have resulted in recycled products that are extremely cost competitive and high quality. Many products routinely purchased contain recycled content such as toilet tissue, paper towels, plastic trash bags and copy paper.

Lynn is officially committed to buying recycled products.
As a community, we are committed to buying recycled. In Lynn we passed a buy recycled purchasing policy urging all departments to purchase products that are environmentally preferable and/or made of recycled materials.

So, next time you place an order with a vendor, ask for products containing recycled content or require printing jobs be done on recycled paper such as city reports, utility bills and even paychecks!  Your support is greatly appreciated and vital to the success of our recycling efforts. If you have any questions, please contact Timothy Leonard at Thank you!

Lynn Is Making Recycling News!

PURPLE OVERFLOW TRASH BAGS - Purple overflow trash bags are now available at the Lynn Department of Public Works, 250 Commercial Street.

Our Mayor Asks all Lynn residents to “Think Ahead’ and to be reminded of the Rules of Trash and Recycling Using Smart MA's "Recyclopedia"

Curbside Collection Schedule For 2023-2024 | Effective July 1, 2023

Download Our 2023-2024 Recycling Calendar and Helpful Hints Brochure
English Haitian Creole Khmer Spanish
(Effective July 1, 2023)

A postcard of the schedule above will be mailed to Lynn residents.

Curbside solid waste and recycling collection will remain on your current collection day. Trash will be collected weekly in the 64-gallon cart and recycling collected every other week in the 96-gallon cart. The November mailing will identify your recycling collection weeks and provide a collection calendar.

If your recycling cart has a GREEN LID, your recycling service will be collected during the GREEN WEEKS. If your recycling cart has a BLUE LID your recycling collection will take place during the BLUE WEEKS. Please see the acceptable recyclable materials that can be placed in your new recycling carts under the Recycling Tab on the left of this page.

New Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Program and Fee Information

Our new program began in October of 2014. Under the new program each resident receives a 64-gallon Cart for Trash and a 96-gallon Cart for Recycling. If you have not receive your carts or have a question about the program, please contact the Department of Public Works at (781) 268-8000. These carts are the property of the City and are to stay at the residence.

Trash and Recycle Fee
- The Trash/Recycle Fee is $90 per year, billed twice per year and payable within 30 days
- Fee is for units who use city-sponsored trash service only. Unit will have to prove they are being serviced by producing a contract to avoid fee.
Billing is Conducted in Two Periods
- Period 1: January 1st - June 31st Bills mailed beginning March 1st
- Period 2: July 1st - December 31st Bills mailed beginning September 1st
Unoccupied Units
- Owners can avoid fee for each full 6-month billing period that their unit is unoccupied.
- Owner must document vacancy by producing a water bill or in some cases an electric bill.
- City issued Trash and Recycling barrels MUST BE RETURNED for the unoccupied time frame
- Owner must sign vacancy form stating that unit was not occupied for the whole 6 month billing period.
Elderly Abatement
- Persons 69 years old or greater are entitled to a yearly abatement of $40. Applications are available at Collector’s Office, Assessor’s Office and DPW Offices or by downloading the forms below.
- Applicant must both own and occupy the unit.
- Proof of age must be produced (driver’s license or birth cert.)
- Proof of residency must be produced (Electric bill or telephone/cable. Water bill not acceptable for proof of residency)
- Abatement must be applied for each year.

Solid Waste Abatement Forms and Fact Sheet - Updated March 2019

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  Solid Waste Collection Fee - Senior Abatement Form 2019
  Solid Waste Collection Fee - Miscellaneous Abatement Form 2019
  Solid Waste Fact Sheet - 2019

Clean Outs, Collection and Drop-off Days




Drop-Off Location: Covanta, 247 Commercial Street

A Disposal Fee will be charged for Drop-off of TV’S, CRT Monitors and Propane Tanks.

Disposal Rates:
 (As of 2020)
Televisions | $25 each - Computer Monitors | $25 each - Propane Tanks | $5 each

Drop offs are permitted Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM and Friday's from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM.

Drop off your old fluorescent light bulbs

Driver's License Required as Identification.

Payment Required
Up to 3 Gallons or LBS.= $ 30 Cash or Checks Accepted
Make Checks Payable To:
Clean Harbors Env. Services, Inc.
Up to 10 Gallons or LBS. = $ 36
11-25 Gallons or LBS. = $ 60
Collection is Operated By: Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc
For detailed information please call (781) 380-7177
What Do I Bring? Here are our brochure for a full list
From the Workbench:
- Oil Based Paints (No Latex)
- Stains & Varnishes
- Wood Preservatives
- Paint Strippers/Thinners
- Solvent Adhesives
- Lighter Fluid
- Fiberglass Resins
From the Garage:
- Fuels/Gasoline/Kerosene
- Motor Oil
- Antifreeze
- Engine Degreaser
- Brake Fluid/Carburetor Cleaner
- Transmission Fluid
- Car Wax, Polishes
- Driveway Sealer
- Roofing Tar
- Swimming Pool Chemicals
From the Yard:
- Poisons-Insecticides-Fungicides
- Chemical Fertilizers
- Weed Killers
- Moth Balls
- Flea Control Products
From the House:
- Rubber Cement, Airplane Glue
- Photo Chemicals
- Chemistry Sets
- Furniture Polish
- Floor & Metal Polish
- Oven Cleaner
- Drain & Toilet Cleaner
- Sport Remover
- Rug & Upholstery Cleaner
- Fluorescent Bulbs
- Hobby Supplies, Artist Supplies
How Can I Safely Transport These Hazardous Materials???
- Leave materials in original containers.
- Tighten caps and lids.
- Sort and pack separately: oil paint, pesticides and household cleaners.
- Pack containers in sturdy upright boxes
- Pack your car and drive directly to the site.
- NEVER SMOKE while handling hazardous material.
What Not To Bring!
Ø Latex Paint
Ø Construction/Demolition Waste
Ø Empty Containers/Trash
Ø Commercial or Industrial Waste
Ø Radioactive Waste, Smoke Detectors
Ø Infectious & Biological Wastes
Ø Ammunition, Fireworks, Explosives

Ø Fire Extinguishers
Ø Prescription Medicines/Syringes
Ø Asbestos
Ø Propane Tanks
Ø Batteries | Car and Household
Ø Chemistry Sets
Ø Computers and TV


Computer Monitors, TV's, Propane and Fluorescent Light-Bulb Drop-Off

A Disposal Fee will be charged for TV’S, CRT Monitors and Propane Tanks.

Televisions | $25 each - Computer Monitors | $25 each - Propane Tanks | $5 each
Drop offs are permitted throughout the year at the Lynn DPW - 250 Commercial Street, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM and Friday from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM.

Fluorescent Light-Bulb Drop-Off
Drop offs are permitted throughout the year at the Lynn DPW - 250 Commercial Street, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM and Friday from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM.

Mattress Recycle Drop-Off

Mattresses can now be recycled at the DPW - 250 Commercial Street, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM and Friday from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM. The cost is $35 per mattress. NOTE: EFFECTIVE 11/1/2022 MATTRESSES WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED AT BULKY ITEM DAY. ALL MATTRESSES MUST BE RECYCLED PER THE MASS DEP.

Driver's License Required as Identification.
For More Information Please Call: (781) 477-7099 or (781) 268-8000

Request Mattress Curbside Pick-Up


• In order to schedule a curbside pick-up, please visit:
Tough Stuff Recycling – Your Mattress Recycling Specialists

• If you would like to learn more about Tough Stuff Recycling, you can access their FAQ sheet by clicking here

• To learn more about mattress recycling requirements prior to scheduling a pick-up or drop-off click here

• Current Rates: $35 per Drop Off and $55 per Curbside Pickup

• For scheduling information or to request additional details pertaining to this curbside pick-up service, please contact the Department of Public Works at
(781) 477-7099 or (781) 268-8000

Frequently Asked Questions
a) General Recycling Program Questions
b) Extra Trash and Overflow Bags
c) Tips For Best Service


Q. When did the new recycling program start?
Automated collection began December 1, 2014.

If your recycling cart has a GREEN LID, your recycling service will be collected during the GREEN WEEKS. If your recycling cart has a BLUE LID your recycling collection will take place during the BLUE WEEKS. Click here for our weekly calendar!

If your recycling cart has a GREEN LID, your recycling service will be collected during the GREEN WEEKS. If your recycling cart has a BLUE LID your recycling collection will take place during the BLUE WEEKS. Click here for our weekly calendar!

Q. When will I be serviced for curbside pickup?
Collection schedules have not changed. You will be serviced on your regularly scheduled day. Once per week for trash and every other week for recycling.
Q. What should I do with my old containers?
You can keep your old containers or use them for yard waste collection.

Q. What do I do with my yard waste?
Yard waste will continue to be collected by a separate truck on your trash day during the specified weeks on the recycle calendar. These weeks are shown on the calendar with a brown/orange color Yard waste can be placed curbside in standard trash cans or paper yard waste bags. Full cans/bags must weigh no more than 50 lbs. and may not be filled with dirt.

Q. Should I continue to bag my trash?
Yes. Bagging your trash is not only a City Ordinance requirement, it will help to keep the cart clean and sanitary, and prevent litter on windy days.

Q. What should I do with Shredded Paper?
Please put shredded paper in with your trash and not the recycle bin.

Q. Why is there a fee to collect bulky items and mattresses?
To keep costs down, bulky items and mattress collection were not included in the base fee. We encourage you to donate old furniture and other bulky items whenever possible. If you would like to avoid the fee, please use the bulky item days to dispose of them. These Saturdays are shown on the recycle calendar with a gray color. Bulky item days are hosted at Covanta – 247 Commercial Street in Lynn and are from 8 AM until 12 Noon.




Q. What do I do with extra trash or recycling?
Extra trash options: All household trash must go into your cart, with the lid completely closed. But if you generate more trash than will fit in your cart, there are some options.

- An extra 96 gallon recycling bin can be rented for $46 per year.
- An extra 64 gallon trash bin can be rented for $132 per year. (Included w/recycling)
Contact Waste Management for more information at (800) 972-4545.
Recyclables not in the official 96-gallon container will not be collected.

Q. What are Overflow Bags?
Overflow bags are the only approved bags for extra trash. These bags hold 33-gallons and cost $3 each and area only sold in packets of 5 for $15. Bag are available at local stores listed on this page. Trash not in official 64-gallon carts or overflow bags will not be collected. Bag are currently available at the stores below:

Lynn Dept. Of Public Works 250 Commercial Street Off The Lynnway
7-Eleven (#32441) 50 Western Avenue Near RT 107

CVS Pharmacy Store (#1204)

509 Eastern Avenue

Eastern Ave,
Nina's Market 51 Essex Street Essex Street
Stop and Shop Store (#67) 35 Washington Street Washington At
Boston Street



Q. What Are Tips For Best Service?

  • Place the proper items in the correct cart: only trash in the 64-gallon cart and only recycling in the 96-gallon cart.

  • Carts should be placed curbside by 7 AM on your collection day.

  • Make sure all materials fit inside your carts with the lids completely closed.

  • Always keep the lid closed to keep rain, snow, and animals out.

  • Container remains property of Waste Management and may not be removed from the property.

  • Use the handle provided to move the cart. Tilt the cart on its wheels to roll it. It is easier to pull the cart uphill and push the cart downhill.

  • Remove your cart as soon as possible after collection to maintain the appearance of your neighborhood.

  • Clean your carts periodically by rinsing them with water and letting them dry in the sun with the lid open.

  • To limit trash tonnage in Lynn and save taxpayer dollars. “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” as much as possible.

  • Since automated waste collection requires clearance for the vehicles lifting mechanism, any cars parked at the curb should be at least 5 feet from the cart.

  • Your address printed on your containers

Bulky Waste: Items and Mattress Collection

Recycle - Reduce - Reuse
Wait, you want to get rid of something?  Is it really trash yet? - List it on one of these websites here for free. Here are the websites:

Buy Nothing

Effective May 13,  2017 we will no longer allow U-Haul Trucks and Commercial Vehicles to dump at Covanta during our Selective Covanta Bulky Item Days.

Bulk waste items and mattresses are items that are too large to fit inside your 64-gallon trash cart. Beginning December 1, 2014, residents will be required to contact Waste Management at (800) 972-4545 to schedule a collection for these items.

A separate fee will be charged to the resident for each bulk item collected. The fees will be charged at the time the collection is scheduled and payment can be made by phone at the same time. Please note, prices for bulky items are subject to an annual increase.

Appliances/White Goods will not be collected by Waste Management as Bulky Waste. See the Appliances/White Goods tab for more information.

Construction Waste | Asphalt, Concrete and Wood

The Covanta transfer station no longer accepts wood or construction debris. Also, items identified by the Massachusetts DEP as “Waste Ban Items” or items considered to be “Hazardous Waste” by the Federal government or the State of Massachusetts are not acceptable.  

Local Wood and Construction Waste Recycling Resources

Bagster Wood and General Construction Waste
Building Materials Resource Center
Roxbury, MA
(617) 442-2262 Ext. 232
General Construction Recycler
Eric Z Disposal
Lynn, MA
(781) 593-5308
General Junk Removal
Flannery Handymen
Lynn, MA
(781) 775-9943
General Junk Removal

Hiltz Disposa
24 Kondelin Rd
Glouster, MA
(978) 283-3335

General Construction Waste
Miles River Sand and Gravel
Ipswich, MA
(978) 356-2290 | Micky
Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Gravel and Sand

Reenergy Roxbury  
101 Gerard St
Boston, MA
(617) 442-4800

General Construction Waste

Textile Recycling

Textile Helpsy Collection Bin Locations:
Pickering Middle School
70 Conomo Avenue
Lynn, Ma. 01904
Sewell Anderson School
25 Ontario Street
Lynn, Ma. 01905

Schedule An Helpsy Textile Pickup


For re-wear, reuse, and recycling, we accept the following items in any condition for all ages and genders so long as they are clean, dry, and odorless. Everything should be kept dry in a closed, plastic bag. Recycling your clothes shouldn't be hard, we're here to help!

- Shoes
- Heels
- Flats
- Sandals
- Flip Flops
- Boots (all varieties)
- Sneakers
- Cleats
- Slippers
- Hats
- Bags (pocketbooks, backpacks, duffle bags, totes)
- Belts
- Gloves
- Ties
- Scarves
- Bathrobes
- Jewelry
- Tops (t-shirt, blouses, shirts, tank tops)
- Sweaters
- Sweatshirts
- Dresses
- Outerwear (coats, jackets, blazers)
- Bottoms (pants, slacks, jeans, sweatpants, skirts, shorts)
- Suits
- Paamas
- Intimates (slips, bras, underwear, socks)
- Baby clothing
- Luggage
- Sports jerseys
- Stuffed animals
- Sheets/pillowcases
- Blankets
- Comforters
- Curtains/Drapes
- Aprons
- Dish cloths
- Clothnapkins
- Table linens
- Quilts

New White Goods Recycling Program - Updated June 2020

A new program to help clean Lynn neighborhoods and streets! In partnership with Turner Inc. The term "White Goods" is used to describe major household electrical appliances. This service is offered to increase the recycling of metal goods and discourage illegal dumping. Recycle freezers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, water heaters, air conditioners and microwaves.


White Goods Disposal Information

Large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washer dryers, dishwashers, stoves, water heaters, air conditioners and dehumidifiers are banned from disposal in the State of Massachusetts. Some appliances contain Chlorofluorocarbons that when released, reacts with the ozone in the upper atmosphere, reducing this layer’s protective properties against Ultraviolet radiation.

Placing air conditioners or large appliances on the City of Lynn’s curbs or on city streets constitutes an illegal disposal that can be penalized with a large fine by the city’s Inspectional Services Department.

Community Recycling Programs and Additional Resources

2023 Smart Recycling Guide
Household Hazardous Waste Event
North Shore Reciprical Recycling Events Schedule - 2023
Waste Management Hotline
Waste Management maintains a hotline for Lynn residents to call for trash related information and complaints. Their number is (800) 972-4545
Residential Rules For Recycling
Recycle Often-Recycle Right Website
City of Lynn
City of Lynn Trash and Recycling Ordinance - Posted June 2020
City of Lynn Recycling Map
State Waste Ban Procedures
Effective May 13,  2017 we will no longer allow U-Haul Trucks and Commercial Vehicles to dump at Covanta during our Selective Bulky Item Days.

Great things happen when Lynn residents Recycle Often and Recycle Right. When everyday items like those shown below are recycled, tons of raw materials, time, energy and money are saved. Plus the recycled materials become new products, and the cycle continues.
- Use your 96-gallon cart with either the BLUE LID or a GREEN LID for every-other-week recycling
- Place only recyclables listed below in the cart
- Do not put recyclables in plastic bags
- Containers that held food should be rinsed and free of food debris and liquids
The Following Items May Be Recycled:
- Plastic Bottles and Containers
- Junk Mail, Office and School Paper
- Phone Books, Books, Catalogs, Magazines and Newspapers
- Glass Bottles and Jars
- Chipboard, Boxboard, Brown Paper Bags and Cardboard
- Aluminum Foil, Cans and Empty Aerosol Cans
- Paper Cardboard, Dairy and Juice Containers
Do Not Recycle The Following:
- No Food Waste and Liquids
- Keep Plastic Bags Out of Recycling
- No Foam Products
- No Yard Waste
- Shredded Paper (Put In Trash)


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