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About the Assessing Department:
The Board of Assessors is the local agency responsible for assessing and administering all local taxes provided for by the General Laws of the Commonwealth. The Board of Assessors consists of three members, the Director of Assessing, appointed by the Chief Financial Officer, and two Assessors, appointed by the City Council. Providing support for the Board is a Field Assessor responsible for property inspections and measurements and a Clerical Staff of three responsible for maintaining the Board's informational database on properties and assisting the Board in its administrative duties.

The Assessing Department maintains public records and establishes the value of over 21,000 parcels of real estate and over 1,300 personal property accounts. The total taxable value in FY2022 was $10.9 billion. The department is also responsible for the new growth valuation of the City generated from construction and permit activity. In FY2022, The Board of Assessors accumulated a new growth valuation of over $152 million, increasing the amount raised through the levy by $2.5 million. Lastly, the department handles administering motor vehicle excise bills. Last fiscal year, there were upwards of 78,000 excise bills issued.

The Department of Revenue's (DOR) Division of Local Services (DLS), provided by Massachusetts General Laws, oversees the Assessing Department's operations. The DOR certifies that property is assessed at its full and fair cash value and reviews revenue and spending projections to ensure compliance with Proposition 2-1/2 before approving a tax rate each year. The Board's assessment procedures are reviewed every five years to meet the minimum standards of assessment performance in establishing full and fair cash valuation through the approval of the Commissioner of Revenue. This process will occur in FY2023, and the department will work diligently to meet the rigorous certification standards, which require many staff hours and uniformity in our day-to-day operations.

For general inquiries, please email or call (781) 586-6702.

For our the staff directory, please click the following link:  Our Office Information

Our Office Information

List Contact Information
  Board of Assessors
Room 202
Lynn City Hall
3 City Hall Square
Lynn, MA 01901

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(781) 586-6702
(781) 586-6706
(781) 477-7160
  General Office Email
List Board of Assessors
  Director of Assessing
Christopher Gaeta, MAA
(781) 586-6700
Michael Fisher, MAA
(781) 586-6701
Michael Clancy
(781) 586-6711

Appraisal and Clerical Staff

  Field Review Appraiser
Brendon Jordan
  Head Clerk
Elizabeth Watson
  Head Clerk
Kenya Pena
  Principal Clerk
Patricia Reynoso
New Item Current and Recent Tax Rates (Updated December 2022)
Fiscal Year Residential Commercial/Industrial/Personal Property
2023 (Current) $11.15 $21.35
2022 $12.43 $23.70
2021 $13.03 $25.02
2020 $13.40 $25.87
2019 $14.30 $27.61
2018 $15.15 $29.45
2017 $15.60 $30.67
2016 $16.18 $32.06
2015 $16.75 $33.58
2014 $17.13 $34.81
2013 $16.93 $34.55
2012 $16.28 $32.82
2011 $16.22 $32.41
2010 $15.53 $31.05
2009 $12.74 $25.35
2008 $10.98 $21.45
2007 $10.40 $21.26
2006 $9.94 $21.27
2005 $10.18 $21.68
2004 $11.43 $25.27
2003 $13.21 $25.78
2002 $14.99 $29.75
2001 $16.46 $33.25
2000 $17.68 $36.17
1999 $17.73 $36.99
1998 $19.84 $41.50
New Item Current and Recent Tax Rates (PDF)
New Item Assessing Department Calendar For 2023
January 1, 2023  Abatement filing for FY23 values commences.
Statutory assessment date for FY24
February 1, 2023 Third quarter FY23 actual tax bills due.
Abatement filing deadline.
February 15, 2023 First commitment of motor vehicle excise bills for 2023 issued (approximate).
March 1, 2023 Personal property Forms of List and 3ABC Forms for FY24 due.
April 3, 2023 Deadline for filing of statutory personal exemptions for FY2023. Fourth quarter FY23 bills issued.
May 1, 2023 Fourth quarter FY23 actual bills due.
June 20, 2023 Final date for Assessors to commit revised or omitted assessments for FY24.
June 30, 2023 Date for value improvements for FY24.
July 1, 2023 First day of FY24. Q1 FY24 prelim bills issued.  Eligibility date for FY24 statutory exemptions.
August 1, 2023 First quarter FY24 preliminary tax bills due.
October 1, 2023 Second quarter FY24 preliminary tax bills issued.
October 31, 2023 Deadline to apply for Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Abatement.
November 1, 2023 Second quarter FY24 preliminary tax bills due.
December 12, 2023  Classification hearing before City Council to allocate tax burden between residential and commercial properties for FY24 (approximate).
December 31, 2023 Actual FY24 property tax bills are mailed. Abatement filing period commences.
New Item Department Calendar FY 2023 (PDF)
New Item Department Calendar FY 2023 (MS WORD)
Lynn Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Bills Are Billed Quarterly
Fiscal year 2022 begins July 1, 2022 and ends June 30, 2023
Quarter 1 July 1 August 1
Quarter 2 October 1 November 1
Quarter 3 January 1 February 1
Quarter 4 April 1 May 1

*Generic billing information: If the due date falls on a weekend, the tax payment/filing deadline is the first business day following the due date.

New Item Department Of Local Services - Municipal Calendar (PDF)

Property Data - Assessments, Resources and Links

FY' 2023 Proposed Property Data
Property values are now available for viewing on-line or in City Hall.Click here for more info and to view valuations on-line.

Sales Analyzed for FY23 Values
  New Item City of Lynn FY2023 Residential Street List Data
Download a PDF to Your Desktop
  New Item City of Lynn FY2023 Business List Data
Download a PDF to Your Desktop
  Web City of Lynn Property Data Search
City of Lynn's Interactive Mapping
  Web Lynn Property Records (Lynn Patriot Properties)
  New Item Land Use Codes

Motor Vehicle Excise

Web Motor Vehicle Tax Information and Abatement Forms
  Motor Vehicle Tax Information State Website Info
  Vehicle Excise FAQ State Website Info
  Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement State Form Fill-in/Download/Print
  City of Lynn Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement Form Online Form Below

Senior Citizen Property Tax Credit Program

General Policies and Procedures
Property Tax Credit up to $1,500

  • Over 60 years of age as of July 1, 2021.
  • Lynn resident for minimum of five (5) years.
  • Homeowner or spouse of the homeowner (primary residence only)
  • Income eligible; based on the state Circuit Breaker guidelines.

Income does not exceed:

    • $62K for a single individual          
    • $78K head of household
    • $93K for a married couple
  • Copy of income tax return is required with the application. If no tax return is filed, the applicant must submit an I.R.S. Form 4506-T for verification of non-filing.
  • Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and assigned depending on job availability. Applicants must be able to complete a maximum of 105 hours by November 30 to be eligible to receive a property tax credit on the following years’ bill.
  • The work program begins December 1 and ends November 30 or once the applicant earns gross wages of $1,500. 
  • Maximum annual abatement of property taxes shall not exceed $1,500 for 105 hours.
  • The application deadline is April 1 (extended for the current year) for the following years’ program.
  • The hourly rate paid (will be the State minimum wage as of January 1 each year. The current hourly minimum wage rate is $14.25 per hour.
  • City employees (individuals on the municipal payroll full time) and their immediate families are not eligible for this program.
  • C.O.R.I check, Privacy Statement, and Confidentiality Agreement required.
  • Copy of Picture I.D should be included with each application.
  • Abatement earned is considered taxable income for federal tax purposes only and not taxable for state tax purposes. A tax advisor should be consulted as to federal reporting requirements).
  • Rules and guidelines will be reviewed periodically, and changes will be made as necessary.
New Item Senior Citizen Abatement Information and Forms
Updated April 2022
1 Procedures For Abatement (2023)
2 Application For Abatement (2022)
3 CORI Release Form (2013)
4 Senior Trash Abatement Form (2018)
5 Miscellaneous Abatement Form (2018)

Abatement, Exemption and Personal Property Tax Information

New Item Abatement Information and Forms - Updated December 2022
6 Application For Abatement Instructions (2023)
7 Application Supporting Information Form (2023)
8 Over-valuation Abatement Form
Web Personal Exemption Information and Forms
9 Personal Exemption Info (2024) Updated July 2023
10 Personal Exemption Application
11 Application for Seniors Online Filing Now Available Here
12 Application for Veterans
13 Application for Surviving Spouse and Minors
14 Application for Blind Persons
15 Application for Financial Hardship- Military- Age and Infirmity
16 Senior Taxpayer's Guide to Local Property Tax Exemptions
17 Veteran Taxpayer's Guide to Local Property Tax Exemptions
Web Charitable Exemption Information and Forms
18 Charitable Exemptions State Info Updated December 2011
19 Charitable Organizations Form 3ABC Updated December 2011
20 Application for Charitable Exempt Status Form 1B-3 Updated December 2011
Web Personal Property Tax Information and Forms
21 Personal Property Tax Fact Sheet Updated July 2023
22 Personal Property Form of List Updated December 2015
New Item Income and Expense Information and Forms
23 Income and Expense Form
Income and Expense Forms for FY2023 can now be filed online by following this link (supported by the Google Chrome browser)
24 Informational Notice Updated April 2022
New Item Forms and Other Tax Information
25 Change of Address Form

Acrobat (PDF) Software

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