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The City of Lynn continues with measures to help slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and lessen impacts on healthcare providers responding to this evolving situation.

This page contains links to our ongoing Press Releases and Statements, Coronavirus Facts and Information, Social Distancing infotmation and specific Resources for the residents of the City of Lynn. This page will be updated as further information is posted.
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American Rescue Plan

Massachusetts Health Connector
Were you unemployed in 2021? If so, you may qualify for a $0 health insurance plan! If you are currently getting unemployment benefits, you may now qualify for a no- or low-monthly cost ConnectorCare health insurance plan from the Massachusetts Health Connector. This new benefit is available due to changes in the American Rescue Plan, the COVID-19 stimulus bill passed in March.

Learn more at by clicking here!

You can apply or update a Health Connector account here.

Visit the website to see if you qualify.

When you apply, make sure to include information about your unemployment benefits so the Health Connector can check to see if you qualify.

Mass Health Connector Infomation and FAQ Page
If you have more questions, please visit the Mass Heath Connector FAQ page.


Massachusetts Health Connector
¿Estaba desempleado en 2021? ¡Si es así, puede calificar para un plan de seguro médico de $0! Si actualmente recibe beneficios por desempleo, ahora puede calificar para un plan de seguro médico ConnectorCare de bajo costo o sin costo mensual del Massachusetts Health Connector. Este nuevo beneficio está disponible debido a cambios en el American Rescue Plan, el proyecto de ley de estímulo COVID-19 aprobado en marzo.

¡Obtenga más información haciendo clic aquí!

Puede solicitar o actualizar una cuenta de Health Connector en para ver si califica. Cuando presente la solicitud, asegúrese de incluir información sobre sus beneficios de desempleo para que Health Connector pueda verificar si usted califica.

Página de información y preguntas frecuentes de Mass Health Connector
Si tiene más preguntas, visite la página de preguntas frecuentes sobre Mass Heath Connector.

City of Lynn Announces $2 Million in CARES Act Funding

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) Public Notification of Use of CARES Act Funding
Download This Notice (English and Spanish)

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) Public Notification of Use of CARES Act Funding PURSUANT TO CARES ACT, PUBLIC LAW 116-136

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) (Public Law 116-136) made available $1 billion in supplemental Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The City of Lynn has been awarded $4,004,861 in supplemental (ESG-CV) funds to address the impact of COVID-19 on individuals and businesses within the community.  Collectively, this funding may be used to fund a variety of eligible activities designed for the aforementioned purpose, and may include:

acquisition, construction, reconstruction, or installation of public works, facilities, and site improvements; rehabilitation of buildings and improvements; provision of assistance to private, for-profit entities to carry out an economic development project; provision of assistance to microenterprises; selective public service activities; and limited planning initiatives.

The City’s proposed use of ESG-CV funding ($4,004,861) is provided below:

Multi-Service Center Rehabiltation - $  500,000.00
Rehabilitation of Osmund Building - $ 1,000,000.00
Rehabilitation of 50 Andrew Street - $ 1,250,000.00
Homeless Support Services - $ 684,861.00
Bridgewell Residential Care - $ 400,000.00
HMIS Coordination - $ 70,000.00
Administration/Activity Delivery - $ 100,000.00

Upon conclusion of the public notification period for the proposed ESG-CV budget, the City will finalize an amendment to its Citizen Participation Plan and an amendment to its Federal Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Action Plan, which will subsequently be submitted to HUD through the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS).  

Thomas M. McGee
Mayor - City of Lynn

James M. Marsh
Director - Community Development

Ley de Ayuda de Coronavirus, Alivio, y Seguridad Económica (Ley CARES) Notificación Publica del Uso del financiamiento de la ley CARES DE ACUERDO CON LA LEY CARES, LEY PUBLICA 116-136

La ley de Ayuda de Coronavirus, Alivio y Seguridad Económica (Ley CARES) (Ley Publica 116-136) puso a disposición $1 millón en fondos suplementarios de Subsidio de Soluciones de Emergencia ESG para prevenir, prepararse y responder a la pandemia de coronavirus (COVID-19). La ciudad de Lynn recibió $4,004,861 en fondos suplementarios (ESG-CV) para abordar el impacto de COVID-19 en individuos y empresas dentro de la comunidad.  En conjunto, este financiamiento se puede utilizar para financiar una variedad de actividades elegibles diseñadas para el propósito mencionado anteriormente y puede incluir:

adquisición, construcción, reconstrucción, o instalación de obras públicas y mejoras del sitio; rehabilitación de edificios y mejoramientos; proporción de asistencia a entidades privadas con fines de lucro para llevar a cabo un Proyecto de desarrollo económico; proporción de asistencia a microempresas; actividades selectivas de servicio publica; e iniciativas de planificación limitadas.

El uso propuesto por la ciudad para los fondos ESG-CV ($4,004,861) se proporciona a continuación:

Rehabilitación del centro de servicio múltiple - $  500,000.00
Rehabilitación del edificio Osmund - $ 1,000,000.00
Rehabilitación de 50 Andrew Street - $ 1,250,000.00
Servicios de apoyo para personas sin hogar - $ 684,861.00
Atención residencial de Bridgewell - $ 400,000.00
Coordinación de HMIS - $ 70,000.00
Entrega de administración/actividad - $ 100,000.00

Al finalizar el periodo de notificación públicos para el presupuesto de ESG-CV, la ciudad finalizara una enmienda a su Plan de Participación Ciudadana y una enmienda a su Plan de Acción Anual del Año Fiscal Federal 2019, que posteriormente se presentara a HUD a través del sistema integrado de desembolso e información (IDIS).

Thomas M. McGee
Mayor - City of Lynn

James M. Marsh
Director - Community Development

LYNN - The US Department of Housing and Urban and Development (USDHUD) has awarded the City of Lynn $2 million in federal funding through the Coronavirus relief bill, known as the CARES Act. The funds are intended to prevent, prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funds will be managed by the City’s Community Development Office through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Emergency Service Grant (ESG) programs. They will partner with the Economic Development Industrial Corporation (EDIC) and the Lynn Housing Authority and Neighborhood Development (LHAND) to administer the funding which is subject to HUD regulations including prioritization of funding for residents who have low and moderate income levels and businesses that retain or create low and moderate income jobs.

“This CARES Act funding will bring some relief to residents, businesses, and non-profits within the City so they can pay employees, leases, mortgages, rent and utility bills as they try to survive the adverse economic effects of this pandemic,” said Mayor Thomas M. McGee. “This much needed aid will also assist with caring for our most vulnerable populations, costs associated with operating regional isolation and quarantine locations, and investing in food security and distribution in our City. Certainly there is substantial more work to be done to rebuild, but this is one step in the right direction. ”

“In developing a Lynn Emergency Relief Fund proposal, the City formulated a plan based on input from local businesses, residents, and what other cities and towns nationwide are utilizing the funding for,” said Community Development Director James Marsh. “We have been working with HUD and the National Community Development Association (NCDA) over the last few weeks in formulating a plan for these much needed federal dollars. We are grateful for these funds and are hopeful more funding is on its way.”

Lynn’s EDIC and Community Development Office will administer $1 million in funding for grants of up to $10,000 to Lynn business and non-profits impacted by COVID-19. Funds for businesses will be used to keep workers employed, for property lease and mortgage payments, or other eligible costs that will assist in keeping businesses afloat throughout the pandemic. Funds for non-profits can be used to for services such as job training, providing testing, increasing the availability health services, providing equipment, supplies, and materials, or delivering meals to quarantined individuals that need to maintain social distancing due to medical vulnerabilities.

The funding for businesses will be available through an On-line Grant Application posted here and at

Non-profit entities interested in applying for funds should visit the Community Development website at or call 781-586-6770.  All awards will be made based on need and adherence to HUD regulations.

“I receive calls every day from businesses owners asking what we can do to help them survive,” said EDIC Executive Director Jim Cowdell. “Our goal was to get as much direct grant funding to them as fast as possible. We want to do all we can to keep them viable through the pandemic.” 

The Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development will administer funding designated to assisting homeowners and tenants with monthly housing expenses. 
LHAND will utilize over $535,000 in funding for eligible homeowners and tenants that have loss of income due to lack of work or loss of employment. Funds will be used to assist households with rent or mortgage payments and utility arrearages for a period of 3 months along with providing financial counseling amid the pandemic. LHAND will also create an emergency response plan to assist the organization’s continuity of operations and to help reduce the spread of disease among residence, staff, and program participants.

“Our main concern is to get these funds out as quick as possible to homeowners and tenants that have been affected and assist with their rent or mortgage,” said Charles Gaeta, LHAND Executive Director. “This pandemic is affecting everyone and people need relief. We want to help as many people as we possibly can with these additional funds.”

For tenants and homeowners that are looking for assistance, information can be accessed through the online WaitListCheck portal of the Family Success Center of LHAND at  Information can also be obtained by calling the Family Success Center at (339) 883-2342 or

In addition, the City plans to utilize a portion of the funding to invest in food security operations, to defray the costs associated with isolation and quarantine locations for Lynn residents who cannot do so in their own living environment, and to assist the Lynn Shelter Association with servicing our most vulnerable populations during this heightened time of crisis.

A complete listing of proposed activities and funding allocations will be presented for further public review and comment on the City’s website, as the City undertakes the task of amending its Federal Fiscal Year 2019 HUD Action Plan and Citizens’ Participation Plan to facilitate the use of these funds.  
Nationally, $5 billion will be distributed through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Fund under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act signed by the president on March 27th.

City of Lynn Emergency Orders

6.10.21 - Mayor Emergency Declaration Recind Order _English 6.10.21 - Mayor Emergency Declaration Recind Orde - Spanish
6.10.21 SIGNED BOH State of Emergency Rescind
Executive Order Recinding The Executive Orders Dated December 16, 2020 and January 6, 2021 From The Mayor of Lynn and Public Health Director.
1.26.21 RESCIND Modified Phase 2 Step 2 Order and Bar Seating Order (EN) 1.26.21 RESCIND Modified Phase 2 Step 2 Order and Bar Seating Order (ES)
Executive Order to return to a modified Phase Two, Step Two rollback of the Massachusetts Reopening Plan. Effective December 18, 2020
1.6.21 Modified Phase 2 Step 2 Order Extended (EN) 1.6.21 Modified Phase 2 Step 2 Order Extended (ES)
1.6.21 Modified Phase 2 Step 2 Order Bar Seating Extended (EN) 1.6.21 Modified Phase 2 Step 2 Order Bar Seating Extension (ES)
Modified Phase 2 Step 2 Order

Modified Phase 2 Step 2 Order Bar Seating

Executive Order Recinding Boat Ramps, Marinas Etc. - Effective August 6, 2020
Executive Order Rescinding The Construction Order - Effective June 23, 2020
Executive Order Recinding The Curfew - Effective June 3, 2020
Boat Ramps, Marinas and Yacht Club Order - May 11, 2020
Extending Curfew and Social Behavior Order - (Updated/May 18th)
Lynn Essential Services Order
Lynn Curfew and Social Behavior Order Extended
Lynn Construction Order

Media and Press

Press Release Archive
If you are looking for a particular Press Release or Announcement visit our Press Release Archive page where announcements are orignized by date and subject.

CV-19 Tele Town Hall Audio Available

If you missed any of the City of Lynn Tele Town Halsl you can listen to the recordings below!
CV-19 Tele Town Hall May 6, 2021 2020 Listen In English
    Listen In Spanish
CV-19 Tele Town Hall December 17, 2020 Listen In English
    Listen In Spanish
CV-19 Tele Town Hall November 23, 2020 Listen In English
    Listen In Spanish
CV-19 Tele Town Hall October 6, 2020 Click To Listen
Mayor McGee was joined by City of Lynn Public Health Director Michele Desmarais, Dr. Clark Van Den Berghe from Lynn Community Health Center, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mitch Rein and Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Barbara Lambl both from the North Shore Medical Center.
They answered questions from the thousands who listened in.
Partneship Announced May 7, 2020 Link to video in English
Thanks to a partnership with the Cities of Revere and Chelsea, Lynn residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 and cannot safely self-isolate in their own living conditions, can stay at the Quality Inn in Revere at no cost while they recover. Medical professionals from Partners Healthcare staff the building to meet the residents’ needs during their stay and no one is denied based on their health insurance or immigration status. Please call 617-819-4528 to see if you are eligible.
Gracias a una asociación con las ciudades de Revere y Chelsea, los residentes de Lynn que dieron positivo para COVID-19 y no pueden aislarse de forma segura en sus propias condiciones de vivienda, pueden alojarse en el Quality Inn en Revere sin costo mientras se recuperan. Los profesionales médicos de Partners Healthcare atienden el edificio para satisfacer las necesidades de los residentes durante su estancia y a nadie se le niega la oportunidad por falta de seguro de salud o por su estado migratorio. Llame al 617-819-4528 para ver si es elegible.
Message From The Mayor October 2020  
To date, our restaurant community has done a great job of safely adhering to the state reopening guidelines, and we will continue to follow the updated guidelines for restaurants announced by Governor Baker last week. We are continuing to monitor their compliance closely each week and based on our communities’ ongoing data, will make adjustments if it is necessary to do so. I am committed to helping our restaurants rebuild in a health conscious manner, especially following social distance and capacity requirements, and I encourage restaurants to take advantage of the outside dining opportunities, supported by the City.
Partneship Announced May 7, 2020 Enlace al video en espanol
Message From The Mayor April 9, 2020 Holiday Video Message
Message From The Mayor April 11, 2020 Executive Orders Video
Message From The Mayor April 24, 2020 Census Video Message
Message From The Mayor April 24, 2020 City Update Video
Mayor McGee April 24, 2020 Baystate News Audio Interview
City of Lynn Story April 27, 2020 NPR Audio Interview
Mayor McGee Interview April 30, 2020 Boston 25 News

COVID-19 Virus Information and Resources

Download The "Protect Your Family At Home" Poster: Posted October 2020

English Spanish Haitian Creole Khmer Portuguese

COVID-19 SNAP Benefits - Posted April 3, 2020 - 1:30 PM
Find Out Everything You Need To Know Here!

In response to mounting concerns regarding Coronavirus, the CDC has provided the following resources for elected officials and community leaders to share with your constituents. 

How to Select, Wear and Clean Your Mask
What You Need to Know English Spanish Chinese
What To Do If You Are Sick English Spanish Chinese
Stop the Spread of Germs English Spanish Chinese
What the Public Should Do English    

Preventing Spread within Communities

People at Risk for Serious Illness

Guidance on Prevention and Treatment
Guidance on How It Spreads
Guidance on Symptoms
Information on Number of Confirmed U.S. Cases
Information on States with Confirmed or Presumptive Cases
CDC Guidance for Travelers
CDC Guidance for Businesses/Employers
CDC Frequently Asked Questions

What you should do - What you should not do
STAY INFORMED - CDC is updating its website daily with the latest information and advice for the public. (

REMEMBER TO TAKE EVERYDAY PREVENTIVE ACTIONS that are always recommended to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.

» Avoid close contact with sick people.
» While sick, limit contact with others as much as possible.
» Stay home if you are sick.
» Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands; germs spread this way.
» Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs.
» Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcoholbased hand rub with at least 60% alcohol.

IF YOU FEEL SICK with fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, and have traveled to China or were in close contact with someone with 2019-nCoV in the 14 days before you began to feel sick, seek medical care. Before you go to a doctor’s office or emergency room, call ahead and tell them about your recent travel and your symptoms.

DO NOT travel to China

DO NOT travel to Italy

DO NOT travel to Iran

DO NOT travel to South Korea

DO NOT show prejudice to people of Asian descent, because of fear of this new virus. Do not assume that someone of Asian descent is more likely to have 2019-nCoV.

All persons in the U.S.- including those of Asian descent - who have not traveled to China or been in contact with someone with a confirmed or suspected nCoV case in the last 14 days are at low risk of becoming sick.

For more information:

Social Distancing: What does it mean?

ENGLISH: Please see this article for tips on Social Distancing Tips you can take in your own life to prevent the Spread of COVID-19: The most obvious way to practice social distancing is to avoid crowded public places where close contact with others may occur. These might include movie theaters, religious gatherings, and crowded restaurants. Of course, it’s not always easy to practice social distancing.

Tips and Tricks 

•Opt for online meetings rather than workplace gatherings whenever possible.

• Work from home if you can.

• Postpone major social gatherings.

• Consider video-chatting with friends and family rather than meeting in public places.

• Limit or postpone air travel and cruise ship travel.

• Stock up on vital items so you don’t have to go to stores as often.

• Order groceries from a delivery service.

• Shop online rather than in stores.

SPANISH : Consulte el siguiente artículo para obtener consejos sobre consejos del distanciamiento social que puede tomar en su propia vida para evitar la propagación de COVID-19: La forma más obvia de practicar el distanciamiento social es evitar lugares públicos abarrotados donde puede haber contacto cercano con otros. Estos pueden incluir el cine, reuniones religiosas y restaurantes llenos de gente. Por supuesto, no siempre es fácil practicar el distanciamiento social.

Consejos y trucos

• Opte por reuniones en línea en lugar de reuniones en el lugar de trabajo siempre que sea posible.

• Trabaje desde casa si puedes.

• Posponer las principales reuniones sociales.

• Considere chatear por video con amigos y familiares en lugar de reunirse en lugares públicos.

• Limite o posponga los viajes aéreos y los viajes en crucero.

• Surtase de artículos vitales para que no tengas que ir a las tiendas con tanta frecuencia.

• Ordene alimentos por un servicio de entrega.

• Compre en línea en lugar de en tiendas.


Staying Healthy During Coronavirus English
Staying Healthy During Coronavirus Spanish
Overview To Prevent The Spread - Multilingual Resources
Emergency Shelter Help Through DHCD - Apply By Calling (866) 584-0653 Applying for SNAP Online or Call (877) 382-2363
The Haven Project in Lynn Contact Us By Calling or Texting (781) 913-5738
Family Success Center - Please Call (339) 883-2342 or E-mail for Information
Housing Court Info - Pending Evictions Postponed Until April 21st, 2020
GLCC List - Restuarants Offering Curbside, Delivery Take Out
MASS 211.ORG - Dial 211 to connect with information about critical health and human services available in their community.
COVID-19 Relief for Businesses
January 2021

Lynn EDIC of Department of Community Development are now accepting applications for small business and non-profit grants from an additional $1.2 million in Federal CARES Act Funding. Small business grants will range from $2,000-$10,000 with a total of $800,000 available. All small businesses with under 25 employees, particularly minority and female owned businesses, are encouraged to apply through EDIC. Please Click Here to fill out an application today.

Non-profit entities interested in applying for funds should visit the Community Development website at or call 781-586-6770.  All awards will be made based on need and adherence to HUD regulations.

1.6.21 Flyer Empowerment Grant_EN 1.6.21 Flyer Empowerment Grant_ES

Last month, the Commonwealth made an additional $668 million available to support businesses through new and existing programs. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) will target a portion of these funds to sectors experiencing the most significant economic hardship and a loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This business relief fund targets the hardest hit small businesses that have an exceptional need of cash relief. 

The application period is currently open until Friday, January 15th. Businesses can apply here: Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (4) Application Manager (

Please visit for more information on the small business relief program and how to apply.

We will continue to provide regular updates on COVID-19 and any Snow Emergency Parking Bans through the City website ( ), social media, and the Smart 911 emergency notification system (sign up at ).

Alivio de COVID-19 para Empresas

El mes pasado, el Commonwealth puso a disposición $668 millones adicionales para apoyar a las empresas a través de programas nuevos y existentes. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) destinará una parte de estos fondos a los sectores que experimentan las dificultades económicas más importantes y una pérdida de ingresos debido a la pandemia COVID-19. Este fondo de ayuda empresarial se dirige a las pequeñas empresas más afectadas que tienen una necesidad excepcional de ayuda en efectivo.

El período de solicitud está abierto actualmente hasta el viernes 15 de enero. Las empresas pueden llenar la solicitud aqui: 
Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (4) Application Manager (

Visite para obtener más información sobre el programa de ayuda para pequeñas empresas y cómo solicitarlo.

Small Business Empowerment Grant Program
Lynn City Hall Updates
Lynn Public Schools
Lynn Community Health Center
Sign Up for Smart Alerts
Lynn Links and Resources
Mass Attorney General's Important Resource Flyer - English
Mass Attorney General's Important Resource Flyer - Spanish
Mass Senior Action


Baker-Polito Administration Announcment
The Baker-Polito Administration today announced the expansion of SafeLink, the Commonwealth’s statewide, 24/7, toll-free and confidential domestic violence hotline to now include resources and support for survivors of sexual assault.

Previously, SafeLink served as a hotline to specifically connect domestic violence survivors to services. This expansion of services will allow SafeLink to triage calls to local area rape crisis centers and create a centralized number for any survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault to call and receive services during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

This hotline is designed for crisis intervention support for those who need assistance in safety planning measures for both themselves and their families. This resource is now available through the 2-1-1 line as an additional method for victims to access help and resources.

The SafeLink toll-free number is (877) 785-2020

For the hearing-impaired, the SafeLink TTY number is (877) 521-2601
Advocates are available in English and Spanish and can provide translation in more than 130 languages.
If you are experiencing violence within your home or concerned about a loved one that may be experiencing violence, please call the SafeLink hotline for support and resources.
If you are in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1


Lynn Public Schools Classroom Materials for Students, Teacher Lists and More
Lynn Public Schools "Reopening Safely" Website
Mass Department of Education Initial Reopening Guidance - June 25, 2020


Winter Farmers Market Is Happening!
Lynn Winter Farmers Market Flyer - English
Lynn WInter Farmers Market - Spanish
Lynn Food Pantries and Distribution Sites Open during COVID-19

Salvation Army
Headquarters is at 1 Franklin Street, Lynn, 781-598-0673
Drive In and Walk Up Food Distribution is scheduled for Monday- Friday 1 to 4 pm.
Effective Oct. 13, Salvation Army Food Distribution for DrIvers and Walk-In Traffic is now at Manning Field.
Drivers should approach  the Manning Field Complex via Ford St. and walk-in traffic should enter via Locust St.

Catholic Charities North
Address: 117 North Common Street, Lynn.
Phone: (781) 593- 2312
Operations: Call for Emergency Food Needs appointment

St. Stephen’s Memorial Episcopal Church
Address: 74 South Common Street, Lynn
Phone: (782) 599-4220
Operations: Food Distribution is scheduled from 2 to 4 pm every Friday except the first Friday

Good Hope Foods
Address: 47 Grove Street, Lynnfield
Phone: (781) 592-4722.
Operations: Food Distribution is scheduled every Thursday from 10 am to noon. Serves Lynn residents also

LCHC Produce Mobile Market
Address: at corner of Union and Silsbee Streets in Lynn
Phone: (781) 581-3900
Operations: Market is usually scheduled on the first Saturday of each month from 9 to 10 am. First visit registration is required and card needed thereafter

Lynn Farmers Market
Address: 1 Exchange Street, Lynn.
Operations: Markets are scheduled for each Thursday through November 19th from 11 am to 4 pm. SNAP, HIP, P-EBT senior vouchers and other forms of payment are accepted

My Brother’s Table
Address: 98 Willow Street, Lynn
Phone: (781) 595-3224
Operations: Provides free takeaway meals from Monday to Friday from noon to 6 pm as well as weekends from 2 to 4:30 pm. All are welcome

St. John’s Church
Address: 174 Humphrey St., Swampscott
Phone: (781) 593-2544
Operations: Provides grocery bags to some eligible Lynn residents

Greater Lynn Senior Services
Address: 8 Silsbee Street, Lynn
Phone: (781) 586-8684
Operations: GLSS has a brown bag grocery distribution for low income 60 plus residents on the third Friday of each month as well as other food programs

The Church of the Nazarene
Address: 233 Eastern Ave., Lynn
Phone: (781) 593-5742
Operations: Offers food assistance by appointment

Washington Street Baptist Church
Address: 256 Washington Street, Lynn
Phone: (781) 595-2550
Operations: Provides Food Distribution on last Saturday of the month from 9 to 11:30 am

Please visit for information on the Summer Meals program, which is a federally funded program that provides meals to anyone 18 and under when school is not in session. All kids and teens are eligible, and no registration or ID is required to participate.
Visite para obtener información sobre el programa Summer Meals, que es un programa financiado por el gobierno federal que proporciona comida a cualquier persona menor de 18 años cuando la escuela no está en sesión. Todos los niños y adolescentes son elegibles, y no se requiere registro ni identificación para participar.
Lynn YMCA Serving Grab and Go Meals
Monday-Friday 2 PM - 5 PM in front of the Y building at 20 Neptune Boulevard.
Pandemic EBT program:P-EBT, or Pandemic EBT, is a Federal Program.
The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), in collaboration with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), received approval to operate this program in response to the COVID-19 related school closures.
P-EBT provides food supports to help families with children who were receiving free and reduced-price school meals pay for food.

Lynn Public Schools
The Lynn Public Schools are offering free “Grab and Go” Lunches for all children up to the age of 18. Lunches are offered Monday-Friday from 11 AM until 1 PM at the following locations: Marshall Middle School, English High School, Classical High School, Lynn Tech High School.

The Food Project

June Update: GLSS "Meals on Wheels" are delivering meals 4 days a week.

  • Meals on Wheels Deliveries for Consumers Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Grab & Go Meal distribution Tuesdays and Fridays 11AM - 12PM at Council on Aging Front Door
  • Call (781) 599-0110
Lynn Community Health Center Mobile Market

North Shore Juneteenth Committee Delivery


Project Bread Food Source Hotline
Healthy Incentives Program
YMCA Hot Meals for Youth
Applying for SNAP
No Kid Hungry Grants
North Shore Labor Council & North Shore Juneteenth Association
SPUR - Helps With Deliveries
Delivery for Seniors/Disabled
Elderly and disabled can call and leave their name number and address with Ward Councillor Darren Cyr for a drop off of food. The number to call (781) 586 -6740.

FEMA Funeral Assistance Program

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is now accepting applications for its COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program, which all allows for funeral assistance for any COVID-19 related death after January 20, 2020. The program will assist with expenses up to $9,000 per funeral, up to a maximum of $35,000 if applicants are applying for assistance related to more than one death.

FEMA is not able to duplicate benefits received from burial or funeral insurance, financial assistance received from voluntary agencies, government agencies, or other sources. This is a program will be completely managed at the Federal level by FEMA, however the required documentation of a death certificate may involve government and other key stakeholders as the state and local level.

To be eligible for FEMA's funeral assistance benefit, you must meet these conditions:

  • The death must have occurred in the United States, including the U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.
  • The death certificate must indicate the death was attributed to COVID-19.
  • The applicant must be a U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or qualified alien who incurred funeral expenses after January 20, 2020.
  • There is no requirement for the deceased person to have been a U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or qualified alien.
  • The program is open to all who qualify, regardless of their income.

FEMA’s call center can be reached Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time, toll free at 1-844-684-6333, and through TTY at 1-800-462-7585. The call center can take calls in multiple languages. There is currently no deadline to apply for this benefit. Please visit to learn more about the program. 

La Agencia Federal para el Manejo de Emergencias (FEMA) ahora está aceptando solicitudes para su Programa de Asistencia Funeraria de COVID-19, que permite asistencia funeraria para cualquier muerte relacionada con COVID-19 después del 20 de enero de 2020. El programa ayudará con los gastos de hasta $9,000 por funeral, hasta un máximo de $35,000 si los solicitantes solicitan asistencia relacionada con más de una muerte.

FEMA no puede duplicar los beneficios recibidos del seguro de entierro o funeral, la asistencia financiera recibida de agencias voluntarias, agencias gubernamentales u otras fuentes. Este es un programa que será administrado completamente a nivel federal por FEMA, sin embargo, la documentación requerida de un certificado de defunción puede involucrar al gobierno y otras partes interesadas clave como el nivel estatal y local.

Para ser elegible para el beneficio de asistencia funeraria de FEMA, debe cumplir con estas condiciones:

  • La muerte debe haber ocurrido en los Estados Unidos, incluidos los territorios de los EE. UU. Y el Distrito de Columbia.
  • El certificado de defunción debe indicar que la muerte se atribuyó a COVID-19.
  • El solicitante debe ser ciudadano estadounidense, ciudadano no ciudadano o extranjero calificado que haya incurrido en gastos funerarios después del 20 de enero de 2020.
  • No existe ningún requisito para que la persona fallecida haya sido ciudadano de los EE. UU., Ciudadano no ciudadano o extranjero calificado.
  • El programa está abierto a todos los que califiquen, independientemente de sus ingresos.

Puede comunicarse con el centro de llamadas de FEMA de lunes a viernes de 9 a.m. a 9 p.m. Hora del Este, sin cargo al 1-844-684-6333, y a través de TTY al 1-800-462-7585. El centro de llamadas puede recibir llamadas en varios idiomas. Actualmente no hay fecha límite para solicitar este beneficio. Visite para obtener más información sobre el programa.


Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)
Federal Funding is still available for those people who have become unemployed or lost income due to COVID-19 through the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. You may be eligible for up to 12 months of overdue rent and help with paying utilities.

Priority is for very low income and unemployed applicants. Reach out today by calling 2—1—1 or visiting Please see additional flyers and an FAQ sheet below for help on how to fill out an application today for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP).
ERAP Application Guidance (English)
ERAP Application Guidance (Spanish)
ERAP Funding FAQs
View a Short PSA Video Message
English and Spanish
How must landlords issue notices to quit?
Notice to Quit Requirements and Resources For Landlords
Tenants Rights/Eviction Advisory - February 2021


You do not need to leave just because your landlord tells you to leave or gives you a notice to quit. If your landlord files in court, you will receive a summons from the court and you are not required to leave until a court order is issued.

Your landlord cannot move your belongings out of your apartment, change your locks, shut off your utilities, or interfere with your use of the unit without permission from the court.

If your landlord has done or threatens to do any of the above, you can call the Attorney General’s Office at (617) 727-8400.

You can apply for Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) and Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance (ERMA) on the same form.

You cannot be evicted while a rental assistance application is pending. Contact the Attorney General’s Office at (617) 727-8400 if you need help filling out a rental assistance application form or online at

To report discrimination, call the Civil Rights Division at (617) 963-2917 or file a civil rights complaint at

You also have a right to ask to stay in your home until March 31, 2021 under the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) eviction moratorium.

Northeast Legal Aid
- Covid Eviction Legal Help Project
- There are volunteer lawyers available in Housing Court to help you through the “Lawyer for the Day” program.

Click here to view the Attorney General’s advisory in Spanish,


COVID Eviction Legal Help Project

The COVID Eviction Legal Help Project is working quickly to scale-up to address the uptick in notices to quit and new eviction cases. Legal services programs across the state are hiring new attorneys and paralegals and training pro bono attorneys to provide legal help to low-income tenants and owner-occupants. Households eligible for assistance must be under 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

If you have received a notice to quit or are threatened by an eviction, you can learn more about CELHP and how to get legal help in your area at

CHAPA COVID-19 Assistance Page
Family Success Center Website
Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, please note the following adjustments that affect the RAFT application process at the Family Success Center:
LHAND RAFT/ERMA Program - English - Updated Nov. 2020
LHAND RAFT/ERMA Program - Spanish - Updated Nov. 2020
Apply to LHAND RAFT Program Online
- Apply to LHAND RAFT/ERMA Program Online
- Solicite en línea el programa LHAND RAFT/ERMA
Lynn Economic Opportunity
For the safety of our staff and the individuals we serve, we are asking Fuel Assistance clients to CALL rather than visit in person if they are checking on the status of their applications. (781) 581-7220 x 340
Lynn Shelter Association
Lynn Housing Authority
Northeast Legal Aid
North Shore Housing Action Group
Emergency Solutions Grant Program


Equal Access To Care - English
Equal Access To Care - Spanish


COVID-19 Relief for Businesses
January 2021

Last month, the Commonwealth made an additional $668 million available to support businesses through new and existing programs. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) will target a portion of these funds to sectors experiencing the most significant economic hardship and a loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This business relief fund targets the hardest hit small businesses that have an exceptional need of cash relief. 

The application period is currently open until Friday, January 15th. Businesses can apply here: Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (4) Application Manager (

Please visit for more information on the small business relief program and how to apply.

Alivio de COVID-19 para Empresas

El mes pasado, el Commonwealth puso a disposición $668 millones adicionales para apoyar a las empresas a través de programas nuevos y existentes. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) destinará una parte de estos fondos a los sectores que experimentan las dificultades económicas más importantes y una pérdida de ingresos debido a la pandemia COVID-19. Este fondo de ayuda empresarial se dirige a las pequeñas empresas más afectadas que tienen una necesidad excepcional de ayuda en efectivo.

El período de solicitud está abierto actualmente hasta el viernes 15 de enero. Las empresas pueden llenar la solicitud aqui: 
Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (4) Application Manager (

Visite para obtener más información sobre el programa de ayuda para pequeñas empresas y cómo solicitarlo.


Mayor McGee, EDIC and the State Delegation would like to announce the Baker-Polito Administration Economic Recovery Plan and Small Business Grants

Through the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC), they are administering $50.8 million in grant awards to businesses experiencing economic hardship and a loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The grants will range between $25,000 to $75,000.  Preference is given to small businesses that are minority and/or women owned, veterans, members of other underrepresented groups, or focused on serving the Gateway Cities of Massachusetts.  Preference is also given to applicants that have not been able to receive aid from other federal programs, including PPP and other relief related to COVID-19.

Timeline:  Application will be open for 3 weeks starting 10/22/20 and close on 11/12/20.
Applicant Eligibility:  Each program encompasses its own eligibility criteria.  Applicants must review the information of each program to determine eligibility. 

Small Business Grants and eligibility criteria for 5 or fewer employees:  Click here
Small Business Grants and eligibility criteria for 50 or fewer employees:  Click here

El Alcalde McGee, EDIC y la Delegación del Estado desean anunciar el Plan de Recuperación Económica de la Administración Baker-Polito y las Subvenciones para Pequeñas Empresas

A través de Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC), están administrando $50.8 millones en subvenciones a empresas que atraviesan dificultades económicas y una pérdida de ingresos debido a la pandemia de COVID-19. Las subvenciones serán entre $25,000 y $75,000. Se da preferencia a las pequeñas empresas que son de minorías y/o mujeres, veteranos, miembros de otros grupos subrepresentados o que se centran en servir a las Ciudades Gateway de Massachusetts. También se da preferencia a los solicitantes que no han podido recibir ayuda de otros programas federales, incluido el PPP y otro alivio relacionado con COVID-19.

Cronología: la solicitud estará abierta durante 3 semanas a partir del 22 de octubre y se cerrará el 12 de noviembre.

Elegibilidad del solicitante: cada programa abarca sus propios criterios de elegibilidad. Los solicitantes deben revisar la información de cada programa para determinar la elegibilidad.

Subvenciones para pequeñas empresas y criterios de elegibilidad para 5 empleados o menos: Haga clic aqu
Subvenciones para pequeñas empresas y criterios de elegibilidad para 50 empleados o menos: Haga clic aquí

Download English (PDF) Download Spanish (PDF)
Unemployment Application Assistance At NLA
Link to State webpage on Unemployment Benefits Fraud:

The Commonwealth’s Department of Unemployment Assistance’s webpage on Unemployment Benefits Fraud may be found here. This site includes information on how to report suspected fraud for both individuals/employees and business owners.




Addiction Treatment, Rehab, & Recovery Info | Addiction Group

AA Meetings Online
Free Online Sobriety Meetings
SMART Recovery Meetings Online
Pause A While Every Day - Free conference call AA meetings from Pause A While Every Day at 2 PM available at the dial in number (425) 436-6360, access code 422932
North Shore YWCA - Survivors of Sexual Assault - Call Us Any Time: (877) 509-YWCA (9922)
Free Chat Therapy For Massachusetts Residents
The Network/La Red - Support For LGBQ/T Community (
Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Hotline - 877-88-JCADA
Coronavirus and Your Mental Health
Resources for the OCD and Related Disorders Community
Resources for the Tourette Community
BFRBs and COVID-19
Crisis Counselors Hotline
Samaritans Website and Hotline (877) 870-4673


Lynn Community Health Center
LCHC Patients: Call (781) 581‐3900 if you suspect you may have coronavirus BEFORE visiting any of our locations. You will be instructed by your provider what you should do. Calling ahead allows health care providers to be prepared to receive patients in a way that limits their contact with others.
North Shore Medical Center Lynn Urgent Care
We do NOT provide testing for Coronavirus/COVID-19. If you have traveled out of the country in the past 14 days, been in close contact with a person who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 and have a fever, cough, or sore throat, please call your primary care physician’s office.
Salem Hospital COVID19 Preparedness
In light of the spread of COVID-19 infections nationally and internationally as well as reported cases in Massachusetts, North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) is joining colleagues from Partners Healthcare and taking measures to minimize potential exposure in our facilities and reduce the risk to our patients, staff and community. Effective immediately, we will be limiting visitors in the inpatient and outpatient facilities of NSMC and Salem Hospital, including our patient units, Emergency Department, Urgent Care Centers, Birthplace and outpatient facilities such as Labs, Imaging, Diagnostic Testing, clinics and other areas.
Masshealth Coverage of Testing and Treatment


Greater Lynn Senior Services
The Lynn Public Health Department has directed that the Lynn Senior Center be closed until further notice as part of a general policy of minimizing group interactions during the current public health crisis.
If you need Information and Referral assistance, please call (781) 599-0110.
You may also call the City of Lynn at (781) 598-4000 for further information.
GLSS has increased its food delivery and output to meet increasing demands. Meals on Wheels Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays and Fridays, Grab and Go meals will be available those days at the Lynn Senior Center (8 Silsbee Street). Elders will receive frozen and shelf stable meals along with a hot meal on delivery days.


Massachusetts State Resources
Unemployment Application Assistance At NLA

Have you lost your job? You may qualify for temporary income to support you while you look for a new one. You should apply for unemployment benefits during your first week of total or partial unemployment. Most claims are processed within 21-28 days after filing. It may take longer if there is an issue with your claim.

Apply For Unemployment Benefits Here

Spanish Language Portal
Baker-Polito Administration has launched a Spanish Language Unemployment Application. The Mobile friendly portal will help Spanish speaking claimants access benefits.
Connect With The Spanish Language Unemployment Application and Portal


City of Lynn
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