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"Thomas W. Angelucci Circle" Dedication

Starting back in the sixties, Tom placed saw horses in the center of the intersection to prevent accidents that he would witness in front of his house.  As the story goes, the Police Department was investigating where the saw horses came from.  He never came forward for fear of being arrested.  The police did conclude that it was a great idea and did direct the traffic preventing accidents.  Eventually, a hot top island was installed.

For over 30 years, Tom has been placing decorations on the island.  With each season, more decorations appeared.  At one point, an extension cord could be seen running from his house across the street lighting the festive scene. He approached the City to install water and electricity.  With the help and financial support of friends and neighbors, he turned this labor of love into a tradition that will long be remembered. 

Mr. Angelucci’s merrymaking didn’t stop with the island.  He is in the record books for having the oldest continuously running barber shop in America.  His father had started the barber shop on Lewis Street.  One of the main attractions was a horse from a carousel dating back to the 1800’s.  People would travel far and wide to have a photo taken on the horse for a child’s first haircut.

Senators Tom McGee, Councilors Darren Cyr, and Billy Trahant were in attendance and spoke of the fond memories they had for Tom, now 90 years old, and the happiness he had brought to the neighborhood. Mayor Clancy concluded the ceremony wishing Mr. Angelucci good health and a big thank you from the citizens of Lynn.  What a great day indeed. 

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