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The Downtown Lynn Cultural District was the first such district designated by the State of Massachusetts in 2012. After a successful five years of implementing cultural programming, collaborating with our many cultural partners and putting Lynn on the arts and culture map, the District was not only renewed for another five years but the footprint was expanded!

Reaching from Broad Street to the Lynn Auditorium, the Lynn Commons to High Rock Tower, the Downtown Lynn Cultural District has it all. Whether it's art, music, dance, live theater or cuisine, we've got it covered!

The Downtown Lynn Cultural District is a thriving and inclusive cultural hub that celebrates and supports its local creators. Our vision for the district in 2023 is to provide opportunity and access to all, creating a welcoming and vibrant destination for arts and culture. We aim to increase awareness, visitation, and excitement around the district's cultural institutions and events, positioning it as a premier destination for experiencing the best of what Lynn has to offer. Together we will co-create an amazing place where everyone can find joy in the distinct art, culture, and history of our city!

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City of Lynn
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