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The Barkland Avenue Dog Park is open for the season!

EZ Landscaping will be maintaining the landscaping on the odd Monday’s of every month. Please avoid using the park during this time so that they can properly landscape the park.

Passes are required for entry to the park and are available in the City Clerk's Office for Lynn residents.

The water fountains will be turned on after the threat of any overnight frosts are gone.


Dogs At Park

Say hello to Dusty, a Corgi Mix and Murphy, a Dachshund!

Rabies Vaccination Day In Lynn

Date: Wednesday, May TBA
Time: 4 to 6 PM
Where: Tower Hill Fire Station and the Broadway Fire Station
Fee: $10 Fee for Dogs and Cats

All Dogs must be licensed in the City of Lynn
(Up-To_Date Rabies Certificate Is Needed To Be Licensed)

Cats DO NOT have to be licensed they can do whatever they want…..meow!

Barkland Ave. Dog Park Registration is Required
Barkland Avenue Dog Park Registration is available in the City Clerk’s Office.

Please have an Updated Rabies Certificate to purchase a Barkland Ave. Dog Park Pass. Our completed Waiver Form is also required at the time of registration.

Please review the Dog Park Regulations and download our Waiver Form under the Rules and Regulations tab of this webpage. The Barkland Dog Park is for Lynn Registed Dogs only.

You can also send a completed waiver, park fee and self-addressed and stamped envelope to the City Clerk's office and a pass can be mailed to you. This is available for dogs who are already registered and have a valid rabies certificate on file.

List Questions, Comments or Concerns
The Mayor's Office
(781) 599-1444
(781) 599-8875

Barkland Ave. Dog Park | Rules and Regulations

Our Dog Park Pass Is Valid | April 1st through March 31st*
The Dog Park Hours Are | Daily From Sunrise To Sunset
Our Dog Park Pass Tag | Must Be Visible On Your Dog’s Collar
Our Annual Fee Is | $25
Our Waiver Form | Must Accompany Each Registration (Download Form Below)
* Weather Permitting

Paw All dogs entering the park must be at least six months of age and licensed.
Paw Dogs must be registered to Lynn residents in order to obtain a park pass.
Paw Dogs deemed dangerous pursuant an Ordinance Pertaining to Vicious Dogs and Animals on the City of Lynn are prohibited.
Paw Dogs displaying aggressive behavior may be immediately removed from the park by the animal control officer, his or her designee or the police department.
Paw All dogs must be accompanied by a keeper at least 18 years of age who shall remain within the fenced area with their dog at all times.
Paw Individuals between the ages of 10 and 17 years entering the park must be accompanied by an adult, age 18 years or older.
Paw Due to health and safety concerns, children under the age of ten are prohibited from being within the fenced area of the park.
Paw All dogs must be leash free once within the confines to the park's second gate.
Paw Spike and or choke collars must be removed once inside the fenced area of the park.
Paw A collar must be worn on dogs at all times within the park with the proper tags displayed.
Paw Keepers must have voice control over their dogs at all times.
Paw Keepers must remain hands free to ensure supervision and safety of their dogs and other visitors to the park.
Paw Keepers/owners are responsible and liable for the actions of their dogs.
Paw The small fenced area is only intended for dogs under 30 pounds.
Paw Keepers may not supervise more than three dogs at one time.
Paw Keepers must immediately clean and properly dispose of all waste.
Paw Children's toys and sporting equipment are prohibited within the fenced area of the park with the exception of tennis balls and frisbees.
Paw Cigarette smoking and smoking of any type within the park is prohibited.
Paw The consumption of food is prohibited within the fenced area of the park except for non-alcoholic liquid drinks.
Paw Dog treats of any kind are prohibited from the dog park.

Whoever violates any provision of this article shall be subject to a fine of a $25.00 for the first offense and a $50.00 for any subsequent offense. The animal control officer and/or City Clerk may revoke an existing dog park pass and/or prohibit future participation in the pass program for those who violate any provision of this article.  The ban from the park can include the dog and owner/keeper.

New Item Acrobat Documents For Download (PDF)
  Rules and Regulations | Updated For 2015
  Waiver Form

Welcome To "Wagging Tales" Our Unofffical Newsletter! (Archive)
Keep in Touch with Barkland Friends and Dogs

Winter is likely to be long and cold, and the opening of Barkland is months away. Wagging Tales offers a chance to keep in touch and share the latest doggie and people news with each other. The plan is to publish an issue on or about the 10th of each month. You can find news about the people and dogs you’ve come to know, and also read about general canine related news, tips and fun things!

Paw Volume 2, Issue 2 | March 2015
Paw Volume 1, Issue 1 | November, 2014

Barkland In The News!

Lynn dog park takes shape on Parkland Ave.
Originally Published on Monday, September 24, 2012
By Chris Stevens / The Daily Item

LYNN — Work has started on the dog park destined for Parkland Avenue but pooches will have to wait until spring before they can shed their leashes for some fenced-in fun.

“We thought we’d get the fence up before winter while the prices were still relatively good,” said Community Development Director James Marsh. “That will give us the winter to develop a maintenance plan, oversight, rules and regulations and then we’ll have an official opening in the spring.”

Steelco, the city’s contracted fence company, began digging post holes for what will be an L shaped enclosure on the grassy lot on Parkland Avenue, adjacent to a Public Works salt shed and across the street from the Pine Grove Cemetery.

Marsh explained there will ultimately be two fenced-in areas, one roughly 300-by-60 feet and a smaller area that will be 60-by-100 feet, to accommodate both large and small dogs.

The 4,000 square foot area is actually under the cemetery’s jurisdiction but the Pine Grove Cemetery Commission voted to approve use of the land in June.

While it seems simple enough to open a dog park, mayoral aide Mary Chalmers, who has been working on the project with Marsh, said there are details to be worked out. She said they have visited dog parks in Salem and even Portsmouth, N.H. to see how other communities are doing it.

“A lot of other communities have them,” she said. “We’ve been getting an outpouring of support ... We don’t want to rush this. We want to do it right.”

The plan is to have residents register to use the park when they register their dogs. Chalmers said that way the city knows the dogs are up-to-date on shots. Marsh said the city also needs to lay down basic rules, such as dogs will have to be leashed before entering and as they exit the park; youths of a to-be-determined age must be accompanied by an adult; and lastly the definition of aggressive dog.

“There is a lot to vet and a lot to figure out,” he said.

What they do know is the park will be open from dawn to dusk and there will be parking available in front of the fenced-in area.

Marsh also called the work on the park timely considering the city is on the cusp of hiring a new dog officer, since Kevin Farnsworth retired last summer.

“At some point it would be nice if we could build a (room) for the dog officer to work out of,” Marsh said. “It would make sense to put it at the dog park and it’s right in the middle of the city.

Getting To Barkland Ave. Dog Park

The Barkland Ave. Dog Park is located off Parkland Avenue.

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